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Securities Services

Institutions planning to set up Cyprus Franchise

At PIVOT Cyprus, we have established credentials in providing end-to–end Business Advisory and Process management services in Cyprus, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

In the new normal (post COVID-19) PIVOT provides one-stop integrated solutions while hand holding and navigating you through the complex maze involved in setting up a Cyprus based entity. Our proven competency in developing Global standard solutions aims at-being your business and commercial consultant from the conceptual stage to the launch of GO-LIVE stage and post go live advise. These could as an assignment / comprehensive projects/or even assisting in strategic alliances.

We have the expertise to assist Funds/Investors in market research, validating/developing business plans and strategies, structuring entry strategy, identification & evaluation of the appropriate Structure and hiring (policies, standards, people), enabling strategic alliances. 

PIVOT has over six decades of combined experience of Cyprus, India, Asia-Pacific and European markets, thus adding significant value to your aspirations. Our prowess in providing pioneering solutions and strategies that meet client’s requirements forms a cornerstone.

Our expertise in capital market research encompasses a study of the business and regulatory scenarios that provide a clear understanding of the market size, business models, competitive landscape and regulatory requirements. 


Institutions expanding existing business franchise

Our clients, being leading financial institutions in India and Cyprus, have relied on our expertise to validate/develop their business Plan/Strategies.


PIVOT’s activities involve:

  • Listening- Engage with you in understanding your aspirations, developing strategies etc.

  • Engaging in developing forecasting models

  • Examining the current assumptions, drivers and where needed- querying the same

  • Conduct independent research and analysis to corroborate the assumptions

  • Propose solutions that not only address the gaps but also enhance the value proposition

  • Measure the solutions and take next steps



PIVOT supports in developing business plan by:

  • Understanding and/or developing business model/plan

  • Determining and prioritizing with you, the action steps

  • Positioning the Business

  • Establishing the measurements and alternate strategies


Pivot’s expertise, innovative disruptive solutions aims at promoting Scale, Ability, Improving Sales, Improving Customer Satisfaction, Market Positioning and Brand Building.



Enabling Business transformations through effective and comprehensive customised solutions, change management, innovative and implementable strategies, thought leadership, developing Eco-systems in Capital Markets, Banking, Reducing Cost of Doing Business and improving market attractiveness. 

Consulting services

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