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Can India go from $1.2 Trillion to $2 Trillion of Assets Custody?

This week we(PIVOT) published a Report on "Can India go from $1.2 Trillion of Assets under Custody to $2 Trillion of Assets under Custody by yr. 2020?". The Report, being an outcome of the PIVOT hosted event of Industry Experts, in late July 2018.

Yes, its possible is what 46 India experts from 31 financial institutions comprised of CEO of leading Stock Exchanges, heads/senior mgmt of leading Custodians(foreign and domestic), Clearing Corps, Depositories, big four Tax Firms, Global Custodian, Legal firm, Consulting firms PIVOT believed.

PIVOTs  breakdown estimates of the USD 760- 800 Billion of AUC growth, found resonance in the belief that potential growth may result from: 

FPI space $ 70-90 Billion; FDI space $ 80 Billion; HNI business $ 100 Billion; PF space and Insurance $ 200 Billion; PE space $ 100 Billion; Mutual Fund space h $ 80 Billion;New products, DRs $ 30 Billion; SME, Startups, AIF segment $ 60 Billion.

The over 135 views/thoughts/ observations/ concerns/ aspirations of 24 expert speakers are in the forward looking report. These span- Regulatory, Infrastructure,Gift City, Domestic Market, FDI, FPI, AIF, NRI, Depositary Reciepts, MF, SME, Start ups, HNIs and Wealth Management, Integrated solutions etc.

Maybe the most comprehensive first time collation, from the deepest and most diverse set of experts.

Write to us for a copy of the report.......

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