Our Advantage

We identify custodian’s challenges and determine and suggest solutions. Beside developing/ reviewing Business Plans and strategy, we provide guidance on financial projections, undertake complete evaluation of existing Business including operations, risk and compliance related, RFP support, Market advocacy processes, Sales and Marketing strategies, Client relation management, beside go to market strategy. RFP validation and evaluation is an activity we undertake.

Buy Side & Sell Side

In the fast growing FPI space, PIVOT since 2014 has been actively instrumental in successfully advising FPI’s across segments (buy side & Sale side) on EASE OF ENTRY- INDIA Solution.

We have successfully navigated our FPI clients in choosing the best solutions at the lowest entry costs, thus making India entry more attractive and efficient. As a leading consultant, we have undertaken due diligence including evaluation and selection of business partners – Tax advisors, Law firm, Custodians, bank, Institutional broking house and Mauritius based providers

Our teams on ground local market experts are also acknowledged for thought leadership, multiple level Knowledge sharing and best practices, while building ecosystem that enables ease and cost-effective way of doing business in the Indian Capital market.


Buy Side Clients 

  • Asset Managers

  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Private equity Fund

  • Insurance

  • Pension Fund


Sell Side Clients

  • Banks

  • Broker Dealers

  • Investment Banks

  • Market Infrastructures

  • Alternative Investment Funds

Escrow Solution

The significant increase in FDI inflows and rapid development of Infrastructure has contributed to the growth of Escrow segment. Third party asset safekeeping and controlled disbursement solutions are critical for counter parties to an underlying financial transaction. Escrow arrangement Mitigate counter party risk by ensuring a portion of funds are set aside with a neutral third party and Contractual agreement to govern the movement of funds

PIVOT has deep experience and expertise in developing “Escrow Services” as a strategic business line as well as established strategic networks for integrated solution. Our expertise and skills includes positioning of Escrow product offerings across customer groups, establishing strategic alliances, developing product and operational capability.

Major Escrow Solutions active in Indian Capital Markets-

  • M&A Escrow

  • Subscription Escrow

  • Regulatory Escrow

  • Construction Fund Escrow

  • Split Fee/JV collection Escrow

  • Performance Guarantee Escrow

  • Physical Safe Keeping

  • Source Code Escrow

  • Trust & Retention

  • Import- Export Payments

FPI Advisory

We have been acknowledged for developing cost effective and robust customized solutions for our FPIs clients. PIVOT’s on-ground expertise, enables us to evaluate and select the best in class service providers (Banks, Custodians, legal firms, Tax firms, brokerage houses, research firms) besides advising on the regulatory requirements, structures and allied services. FPIs have acknowledged our role in facilitating ease of doing business. With our experience and deep knowledge, we help the organizations in effectively navigating business risk and opportunities.

In many an instance, the selection and customization of the solution has resulted in a cost save of up to 70% to the FPI clients and more importantly speeding up the process of selection and entry.

Besides, recognizing that clients have different parameters and requirements we have developed an FPI related Ecosystem that has led to many more creditable Brokerages, Banks, Custodians, Tax firms offering Services to FPIs.

Broking Advisory

We have developed an affordable, effective and high-quality ecosystem that makes it attractive for Institutional and FPI’s to trade in India with greatest of Ease. Towards these we identify and engage with leading Brokerage firms in developing/leveraging their capabilities for addressing the needs of the FPIs, more particularly wrt. Category II and III investors. Our knowledge and expertise about the FPI requirements, developing Governance structure, sales and marketing collateral, thought leadership, third party assessor for systems and technology, market advocacy and participation at industry events. Expert-on-ground knowledge of brokerage firms and their capabilities, ability to develop strategic integrated solutions, have enabled brokerage Firms to develop new revenue streams, leverage their capabilities, develop new products, develop client relationships and much more.

What our Clients Say

“They cleaned up any issues we had with our AdWords. We’ve seen an increase of leads up to 30% and were able to start new campaigns, such as targeted funnel campaigns.”

John Doe


This school is amazing. Excellent staff. There is a genuine care for each student. I am very pleased with this school & the way teachers help every individual students in the academics,

Shifa Shaikh

student , Batch of 2019

Enabling Business transformations through effective and comprehensive customised solutions, change management, innovative and implementable strategies, thought leadership, developing Eco-systems in Capital Markets, Banking, Reducing Cost of Doing Business and improving market attractiveness. 

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